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Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe

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PhD. Assoc. prof. Peter Jordan (Head of the project)
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The institute focuses on urban, migration and regional development studies.

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The Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe is a series of maps published periodically since 1989. It offers up-to-date information on topics of ecological, demographic and economic relevance in Central, East and Southeast Europe. The multicoloured thematic maps with accompanying texts reflect the most recent scholarly studies in this field. Close cooperation with scientific institutions of the countries represented ensures firsthand information, the cartographical treatment makes for easy use and reference, guarantees accuracy and permits regional differentiation. The main scale is 1: 3 millions, some maps are larger in scale. The prototype of a web-based interactive electronic version is available under www.aos.ac.at The printed version comprises so far 29 (December 2011) installments.

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   - Visualisation     
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atlas, thematic cartography
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