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Semonit GmbH

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StreetGlockengasse, 4d 
ZIP, City, Region 5020 - Salzburg (Salzburg) 
Phone+43 662 231 061 0 
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Andreas Oberhuemer (CEO)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 1-10  number of researches: 2

 Central aim of organisation
We make IT measurable!

 Briefly describe your organisation
This slogan describes best what Semonit offers with “Jazzey”. Jazzey shows whether all users are able to work and if yes, how fast, or if there is any malfunction.
So what is Jazzey?
Jazzey is a software for monitoring whole IT-services. You can also monitor any own produced custom software, Citrix or just your mail server. Jazzey monitors everything which can be installed on a computer.
“End to End Monitoring” is the main goal. We define it as monitoring from the user’s point of view. Checking is done from one end to another, from users to their provider.
For providing such information the End to End Monitoring offers user simulations as well as standard measurements. Within a simulation whole tasks typically performed by users are recorded, edited and checked at different locations. For standard measurements incremental recording is not required, certain parameters are sufficient.
The Software-Robots can be used for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) as well!

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - ICT Application for Environment Management     
   - Usability Engineering     
   - Automation     
   - Robotics     

 ICT keywords
User Simulation, Software Robots, IT Monitoring, End-To-End-Monitoring, RPA, Robotic Process Automation
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 RTD Experience
Semonit is a software developing and consulting company, founded in Salzburg in 2013.
The development of Jazzey already started in 1998 and was funded by Austrian and EU-Programs. Semonit took over the (further) development of Jazzey in 2014.
Semonit itself was not involved in projects except the Innovationsschek.

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2018-06-04 / 2018-07-05