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smartbow GmbH

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StreetJutogasse 3 
ZIP, City, Region 4675 - Weibern (Upper Austria) 
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Dr. Dana Tomic (R&D)
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Total: 11-50  number of researches: 5

 Central aim of organisation
Developing embedded and software solutions for precision agriculture

 Briefly describe your organisation
MKW Electronics GmbH is an Austrian SME funded in 2009 offering embedded and software solutions for precision farming.
We serve agricultural sector by providing technology that offers efficiency enhancing and cost saving insights for the benefits of the farmers based on novel sensor technology and smart integration of data. Our core product is SMARTBOW®, an advanced animal localization system and a farm management software application. The SMARTBOW system uses a variety of sensors embedded within our patented active ear-tags, for cattle and pig identification, localization and status tracking. Our fields of innovation are wireless sensor and mesh networks as well as pattern recognition algorithms for animal status and activity monitoring including rumination monitoring, heat detection and early diagnosis of anomalous activity patterns that indicate need for medical attention or special feeding or husbandry practices.
Our team is composed of system, software and embedded hardware design experts, and researchers and industrial PhD students focusing on data mining algorithms, as well as marketing and sales specialists. We are active users of SCRUM techniques and proponents of lean design.
In our farm management solution we aim at integrating data from a broad variety of precision dairy equipment, such as milking and feeding robots and animal welfare support equipment, as well as specialized applications in the domain of feeding and animal health management. To address existing challenges in the domain of data modelling, data integration and interoperable interfaces, we contribute to a global effort towards fostering interoperable data exchange models among dairy farming stakeholders. The MKW electronics team has consolidated knowledge in data management, distributed software and hardware systems, hardware interfaces, protocols and data interface standards used in dairy farming systems. The SMARTBOW farm management software is distributed on servers, desktops and smartphones, and is being extended for cloud--‐based operation. The SMARTBOW system generates huge amounts of localization and sensor data (up to 300 MB per day) and we are actively building operational expertise in the BigData management and processing. Smartbow electronics has numerous test sites in Europe (Austria, Germany, Sweden) as well as in the USA, and was involved a number of studies with scientific institutions. We use data from our installations to further improve and develop the SMARTBOW product, as well as to support scientists in their studies in the field of dairy farming and animal health management. In projects we can use data from our running installations to test proposed application in realistic operational requirements.

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Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - ICT Application for Environment Management     
   - Industrial Application     
   - Internet Technologies     
   - Pervasive Computing     
   - Automation     
   - Artificial Intelligence     
   - Sensor Technology     
   - Data Mining     
   - Embedded Systems and Real-time Systems     

 ICT keywords
farming, agriculture, farm management, precision agriculture, sensor networks, in-doors localization, precision farming, smart interfaces, embedded systems, Internet of Things, pattern mining, Big Data, semantic technology
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 RTD Experience
InLoc, funded by FFG (the Austrian Research Funding Agency), in the startup support program (2009-2013)
In Project InLoc MKWE developed an animal tracking System and a farm management solution SMARTBOW®. The SMARTBOW system uses a variety of sensors embedded within our patented active ear--‐tags for cattle and pig identification. We developed a system with smart compression and data aggregation, providing radio based localization and sensor data collection (acceleration sensor and temperature sensor) on the same WLAN infrastructure. Based on accurate location tracking, monitoring of movements and activity, rumination phases and temperature we developed algorithms that can detect heat and identify animals with anomalies in behavior, e.g., anomalous rumination patterns or low movement due to developing lameness, and can effectively present this information to farmers. Currently our focus is on introducing new sensors embedded within the stable into our system in order to extend the context that we use for animal activity and state diagnosis. The SMARTBOW system integrates efficient solutions for real--‐time compression, energy efficient data collection and aggregation, and data mining and context--‐based reasoning. Our product is a combination of a hardware setup and a growing number of mobile APPs aiming at easy installation and use. Our ultimate goal is to offer practical solution that support farmers in their everyday work and help them so save time and money.

agriOpenLink, funded by FFG (the Austrian Research Funding Agency) in the program “Future ICT” (06’2013- 05’2016)
In project agriOpenLink (www.agriopenlink.com), we developed an ontology--‐based approach for integrating heterogeneous devices to contribute to one common information context as a basis for adaptive context--‐based process optimization. The common context is based on the common extensible ontology, the Dairy Farming Ontology, based on ISOagriNet and extended for new concepts). Equipment integration is based on the “plug--‐in paradigm” -each equipment extended with a plugin seamlessly integrates within a common platform. A plugin communicates with the device over its internal interface and is an “interface model mediator” that translates internal data model of the equipment into the ontologically described common model. A plugin is a library that a Plugin Server can dynamically load and run, and it implements a number of semantic - REST services over which the equipment data (in the semantic format) can be accessed. A Plugin Server is an HTTP server serving semantic REST service calls. Each semantic--‐REST service is registered in a service registry with is corresponding metadata. The data integration is based on automated reasoning based on ontology, SPARQL queries, as well as chaining discovered services and services calls. This solution has a strong focus on interoperability by means of the common model, and accordingly it aims at flexile integration of heterogeneous equipment within diagnosis or control processes. Accordingly it brings benefits of better data integration and optimization potentials to farmers.

With our project DADAFI (Dairy Farm Data Aggregation @ FIWARE) we are selected to be the part of the FINODEX accelerator. In this project we are further developing the concepts for the decision support platform in dairy farming, as well as building our expertise in FIWARE technology.

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