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StreetHausfedlstr. 22/1/7 
ZIP, City, Region Wien - 1220 (Vienna) 
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Dr.DI. Serguei Golovanov (Manager)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 1-10  number of researches: 7

 Central aim of organisation
Development of Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises Industry 4 platforms

 Briefly describe your organisation
The company realized innovative platforms for interactive implementation of models of interlinked complex cyber-physical systems, receiving big data streams from diverse data sources (IoT, automated control systems, SCADAs, smart agents, databases, actuators, databases, etc) and converting the data into simple and easy perceived results for applications in integrated management, monitoring, analysis, benchmarking and simulation of optional responses.
The platform Pharos Navigator supports the following applications:
- Smart City Monitor, making and running comprehensive scalable models of urban areas (http://smartcity.win2biz.com)
- Smart Enterprise Industry 4, adaptive models for services and manufacturing (http://enterprise.win2biz.com)
- Smart Hospital for quality management of health care centers
A number of other applications are can be supported in customized applications such as Environmental monitoring, Smart Buildings.
The platform demo applications are avaialble at portal http://pharosnavigator.com. The company has valuable RDI advanced content and seeks partnerships in Horizon 2020 calls ICT, SCC, IoT, SC1-PM, EEB as well as Interreg, other EU and international projects.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - E-Government     
   - E-Learning     
   - ICT Applications for Tourism     
   - ICT Applications for Health      
   - ICT Applications for Traffic and Logistics     
   - IT Security and Encryption     
   - Standardisation     
   - ICT Application for Environment Management     
   - Industrial Application     
   - Visualisation     
   - Audiovisual Devices and Communication     
   - Application Service Provision (ASP)      
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Knowledge Management     
   - Process Management     
   - Digital Systems     
   - Usability Engineering     
   - Semantic Systems     
   - Internet Technologies     
   - Advanced Systems Architecture     
   - Automation     
   - Robotics     
   - Man-Machine Interaction     
   - Artificial Intelligence     
   - Sensor Technology     
   - Data Mining     

 ICT keywords
Cyber-Physical Systems, Models, Modelling, Objects, Systems, Dynamic, Change, Data sources, Internet of Things, IoT, Sensors, Databases, SCADA, Actuators, Semantic analysis, Management, Governance, Monitoring, Analysis, Benchmarking, Control, Simulation, Real-time
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 RTD Experience
The company realizes RDI in architecture of smart interlinked systems, its modelling, implementation of prototypes and supporting smart web application services as of 2000.
The practical results include
- Implementation of the Pharos Navigator platform for interactive development of models of interlinked complex cyber-physical systems (CPS) receiving big data streams and its converting into effective and simple user vision of processes for management, governance and implementation of smart adaptive application systems
- Realization of sample CPS models of Smart City based on ISO 37120 and Smart Enterprise (runs online as demo)
- Implementation of quality measurements and management standards as digital services
- Enabling wide range of services for citizens, tourists, local businesses, utility service providers and management in urban areas

1. Diverse Internet publications internationally
2. The content presented at portal http://pharosnavigator.com
2. Reference materials and guides for applications in Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises
3. Registered Community Trade Mark (R) for Pharos Navigator

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2015-03-26 / 2016-02-08