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Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Technology

 Contact data
StreetGusshausstrasse 27-29 
ZIP, City, Region 1040 - Vienna (Vienna) 
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 Contact person

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Kaindl (Head of Institute)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 250+  number of researches: 1912

 Central aim of organisation
Research and education on computer-based systems

 Briefly describe your organisation
The Institute of Computer Technology understands itself as a bridge between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Its research focuses mainly on digital and microcomputer technology, computer architecture, data communication and networks, distributed information systems, ASIC and system-on-chip development, embedded systems and software engineering, requirements engineering, systems engineering, cognitive automation and autonomous systems.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - E-Commerce     
   - ICT Applications for Health      
   - Process Management     
   - Digital Systems     
   - Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)     
   - Software Engineering and Testing     
   - Usability Engineering     
   - Semantic Systems     
   - Internet Technologies     
   - Automation     
   - Man-Machine Interaction     
   - Systems-on-Chip, Systems-on-Package     
   - Integrated Circuits     
   - Electronic circuits, components and equipment     
   - Embedded Systems and Real-time Systems     
   - Reliability     

 ICT keywords
User-Interface Generation, Unified Communication, Model-driven, Self-aware Systems, Cyber-physical Systems, Machine learning
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)
Other international co-operative research

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
  Coordinator  Partner 
Cooperative Projects
Stimulation and Support Projects

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2012-11-21 / 2016-11-15