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AKG Acoustics GmbH

 Contact data
StreetLemböckgasse 21-25 
ZIP, City, Region 1230 - Wien (Vienna) 
Phone+43 1 866 54 1387 
Fax+43 1 866 54 1292 
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 Contact person

Martin OPITZ
 Employees (Total)
Total: 51-250  number of researches: 47

 Central aim of organisation
Development, marketing and sales of microphones and headphones in markets for professional audio systems, consumer electronics and automotive

 Briefly describe your organisation
AKG based in Vienna (Austria) is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality headphones, microphones, and wireless systems for professional users. Renowned recording studios, radio and TV stations, as well as opera houses and concert stages worldwide all share a preference for AKG products. Beyond that AKG products can be found in environments like private homes, houses of worship and automotive environment.

The innovative background of AKG is demonstrated by more than 1500 patent applications, more than 300 of them being basic developments pointing the way in electroacoustic markets. AKG has participated in numerous research projects with national funding and within the European Framework Programs starting from FP4. Cooperation with universities strengthens the position of AKG and ensures the leadership. Being part of Harman International Industries, AKG has access to state-of-the-art solutions in many electroacoustical fields with a technological expertise of world renowned experts.

Certified systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for environmental management as well as AKG Automotive’s conformance with ISO/TS 16949 guidelines based on defined processes and procedures, supported by a consistent system of key figures and targets, form a solid basis for the design, manufacture and servicing of our products.

Cooperation in standardisation groups like ÖVE, DKE, ETSI, CENELEC, AES is an integral part of our R&D activities.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
- ICT Applications     
   - Ambient Assisted Living (Services for the Elderly)     
   - Industrial Application     
- Multimedia, Pattern Recognition     
   - Audiovisual Devices and Communication     
- Software- and Data Processing     
   - Software Engineering and Testing     
- Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics     
   - Speech Technology     
   - Sensor Technology     
- Radio Frequency Technologies     
   - High Frequency Technology, Microwave Technology     
   - Wireless & Mobile Communication     

 ICT keywords
audio sensors, array microphones, speech acquisition
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
  Coordinator  Partner 
Non-cooperative Projects (Single projects)        
Cooperative Projects
Education Projects (Thesis, ..)

 RTD Experience
AKG has participated in a range of collaborative research projects:

Austrian COMET Program
STREPs and IP beginning from FP4

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2010-09-13 / 2013-06-04