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Semerad IT Consulting GmbH

 Contact data
StreetSchönbrunnerstr. 293/4/3 
ZIP, City, Region 1120 - Wien (Vienna) 
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 Contact person

Zsolt Nyilánszky (Projectmanager)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 11-50  number of researches: 1

 Central aim of organisation
Providing IT services to Central Europe companies

 Briefly describe your organisation
Since 2001 Always on the Ball...

Semerad IT Consulting was founded in May 2001 has proved its self to be highly competent in a short time in the areas of technical network approaches. This was followed in 2003 with the inclusion of software development as a core competence and with mother tongue ability in several languages projects were undertaken in Bulgaria and Rumania in 2004 and so began the international expansion of Semerad IT Consulting. The next milestone of competence was achieved in 2005 with the inclusion of Website Design and Programming and then in 2006 the success story opened a new chapter with expansion to Slovakia and the founding of a new company to serve the fast growing market there. With these core competencies and an international skilled staff, Semerad IT Consulting are able to handsomely serve their clients throughout Europe.

 Core Competency


 ICT sectors:
   - IT Security and Encryption     
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Digital Systems     
   - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Middleware     
   - Software Engineering and Testing     
   - E-Publishing, Digital Content     
   - Internet Technologies     
   - Network and Broadband Technologies     
   - Advanced Systems Architecture     
   - Network Security     

 ICT keywords
Webdesign, Network engineering, SEO, SEM, Internet marketing
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2008-10-09 / 2010-07-15