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Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation / Centre for Social Innovation
Technology & Knowledge

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StreetLinke Wienzeile 246 
ZIP, City, Region 1150 - Vienna (Vienna) 
Phone++43 1 49 50 442-52 
Fax+43 1 49 50 442-40 
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 Contact person

Maria Schwarz-Woelzl (Senior Researcher)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 11-50  number of researches: 30

 Central aim of organisation
The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a self-contained, politically independent scientific institution, asserting leadership in Europe to advance.

 Briefly describe your organisation
The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a scientific institute, founded as a not-for profit association under Austrian law in 1990. Institutes, companies, public and international organisations can become supporting members to contribute to ZSI activities in search for social innovations. Diversification of services, a broad spectrum of expertise as well as membership in national and international consortia, associations and co-operation agreements safeguard the independence of the institute and its level of employment.
By its capacities the ZSI is conducive to socio-economic objectives we share with other public and private organisations across Europe:
* To advance social, ecological and economic sustainability of the knowledge-based information society
* To facilitate social, cultural and economic integration in Europe by means of scientific competence and support of relevant practices
* To develop infrastructures, effectiveness and internationalisation of the social sciences in the European Research Area (ERA)
Our projects’ top priority is to provide impulses for the implementation of applicable innovative resolutions, concerned with socially important challenges. Our projects are rooted in sound scientific fundaments based upon inter-discipinary and international co-operation.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - E-Inclusion     
   - E-Learning     
   - Ambient Assisted Living (Services for the Elderly)     
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Knowledge Management     
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)
Other international co-operative research

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
  Coordinator  Partner 
Non-cooperative Projects (Single projects)        
Cooperative Projects
Stimulation and Support Projects

 RTD Experience
Technological advancement is significantly influenced and shaped by the social context. Our services and research focus on the shaping of innovation in socially important fields of application, in particular on the improvement of working methods and of educational processes. We apply pedagogical principles, use social software, participative technology design and assessment as well as other specific interdisciplinary methods.
10 selected projects:
* iCamp - innovative, inclusive, interactive & intercultural learning campus
* EU4ALL – European Unified Approach for Assisted Lifelong Learning
* ComeIn – Online Mobile Communication to Facilitate the Social Inclusion of Young Marginalised People
* mature@eu – Supporting Employers in Recruiting and Selecting Mature Aged Persons
* PROLEARN – Network of Excellence for Professional Learning
* eSTART – Digital Literacy Network for Primary & Lower Secondary (K-9) Education
* IFAC – Information for a Choice: Empowering Young Women through Learning for Technical Professions and Science Career
* NANOYOU – Communicating Nanotechnology to European Youth
* Open Innovation – Instruments and strategies for active involvement of users and other relevant social groups in the technical innovation process in the case of fuel cells and wood-plastic-composites
* Embedding Standards – Embedding ICT/Multimedia Standardisation Initiatives into European Vocational Training Development Strategies

Maier, Dirk/ Michalek, Wolfgang und Scoppetta, Anette (2007): Active Ageing - Regionale Handlungsoptionen in Österreich.
Healy, Mike and Schwarz-Woelzl, Maria (June 2007): Recruitment policies and practices in the context of demographic change. Critical issues in teh ICT sector and recommendations. ISBN 978-3-200-00960-8
Unterfrauner, E. & Weiermair-Märki, C. (2008). User Requirements for Adult Learners with Special Needs in Accessible Lifelong Learning. Paper presented at ilearning Forum, Paris, France. (Presentation).
Schwarz-Woelzl, Maria (Sept. 2007): Grey-haired? Age diversity in the ICT sector. Paper presented at the ICT Forum 2007, Ljubljana (Conference Proceeding)

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