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Smart Living Consulting GmbH

 Contact data
StreetHernalser Hauptstraße 24-26/11 
ZIP, City, Region 1170 - Vienna (Vienna) 
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 Contact person

Mag. Andrea Schikowitz (back office and research)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 1-10  number of researches: 4

 Central aim of organisation
das fernlicht is an institute for social research, future studies and consulting, mostly in the areas future living.

 Briefly describe your organisation
Smart Living Consulting has its headquarters in vienna. It works for several real estate companies and for public administration. Another working area is the development of smart home solutions.

Our focus lies on future studies and foresight. das fernlicht has its competences on topics as future living, future housing, future work, future mobility and usability. As it works most at the interface between technology and human spaces, it focuses on innovative methodologies to identify futere needs, as the lead user approach.

das fernlicht has also expertise in technology development (we are already developing a smart home solution). We are focused on the areas of user centred software development, user interface design and relational databases.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - E-Government     
   - E-Commerce     
   - E-Inclusion     
   - E-Learning     
   - Cultural Heritage     
   - Ambient Assisted Living (Services for the Elderly)     
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Knowledge Management     
   - Digital Systems     
   - Information and Multimedia Retrieval     
   - Usability Engineering     
   - RFID     

 ICT keywords
smart home, smart living, usability, user needs, user interface design
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
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Other international co-operative research

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
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Cooperative Projects

 RTD Experience
In the area of future living das fernlicht has advised several European construction companies on the planning of future residential estates. Its role was to develop a social concept, based on that to deliver concepts for technical solutions and finally to support the marketing in delivering a specific marketing concept.

In recent years “das fernlicht” performed several studies on future living, as e.g. infrastructure
and equipment for future residential estates, eLiving, online homeservices, smart homes or
acceptance of digital living in social housing.

Finally, “das fernlicht” has carried out various market research surveys and collected primary data on the addressed topic of future trends of living (expert as well as customer surveys).

Currently “das fernlicht” has developed a user centred smart home solution (“WOC”). Actually we perform a study about flexible housing. In 2008 our book “Housing 2018. Smart Living“ (“Wohnen 2018. Smart Living”) will be released (published by IMV Medien Verlag).

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2006-12-14 / 2008-11-14