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University of Salzburg
Department of Scientific Computing

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StreetJakob-Haringer-Str. 2 
ZIP, City, Region 5020 - Salzburg (Salzburg) 
Phone+43 662 8044 6306 
Fax+43 662 8044 172 
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Pohlmann (Head of Working Group)
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Total: 1-10  number of researches: 5

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In our working group research is wone in the following fields:
* Calculi and algorithms for automatic deduction, esp. first-order predicate logic, and with a view to complexity of proofs. (Eder)
* Discrete Event Simulation: distributed discrete event simulation, esp. Split Queue Time Warp, which is a generalisation of Jefferson's algorithm, specialised discrete event simulation algorithms for e.g.call admission control in data networks, realtime-sytems etc., and fluid simulation. (Hagenauer, Pohlmann)
* Computational Geometry and Discrete Mathematics/Optimization, Algorithms and Data Structures, Program Design, Computer-Aided (Geometric) Design and Manufacturing, Geographical Information Systems, Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Virtual Reality. (Held)
* Evolutionary Algorithms (Theory and Applications), Evolutionary Robotics, Computational Neuroscience, Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning (Mayer)

 ICT sectors:
   - Artificial Intelligence     
   - Computer Graphics     
   - Video Processing     
   - Pattern Processing     
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