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University of Salzburg
Computer Science

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StreetJakob-Haringer-Str. 2 
ZIP, City, Region 5020 - Salzburg (Salzburg) 
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O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Math. Dr. Jochen Pfalzgraf (Ordinarius (Full Professor))
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Total: 1-10  number of researches: 6

 Briefly describe your organisation
General Principle: Working in the interaction and interplay of Theory and Practice.
Brief Summary: Knowledge-based and Learning Systems. Mathematical methods and results applied to problem fields in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Industrial Areas.Development and application of computer simulations (incl. industrial applications). Knowledge Management, Knowledge Discovery, Information Retrieval, Decision Support Systems (DSS), applications to industrially relevant problems, e.g. DSS in eTourism. Multiagent Systems (MAS) and Robotics. Logical modeling (“Logical Fiberings”) of MAS. Mathematical modeling with Category Theory (CAT) as unifying mathematical modeling language. Applied and Computational Category Theory (ACCAT), CAT Semantics for computer science. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), ANN structure modeling with CAT and geometry (“homomorphic learning”) – leading to economic (cheaper) simulations. Soft Computing Methods: ANN, Fuzzy Techniques.

 ICT sectors:
   - Automation     
   - Robotics     
   - Advanced Systems Architecture     
   - Artificial Intelligence     
   - Knowledge Management     
   - Process Management     
   - ICT Applications for Tourism     
   - Industrial Application     

 ICT keywords
MAS and Robotics modeling, Soft computing: Theory and Application
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