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DANUBE - European Training, Research & Technology Innovation

 Contact data
StreetZieglergasse 28 
ZIP, City, Region 1070 - Vienna (Vienna) 
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 Contact person

Mag., MBA Bruno Woeran (Managing Director)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 1-10  number of researches: 2

 Central aim of organisation
Regional Transfer organisation for training certification, innovation management and regional development

 Briefly describe your organisation
DANUBE is the regional transfer organisation for European training, research and innovation technology programmes in the Vienna Region.

Activities involve SME support for international project cooperation, partner search as well as participation in projects on regional development, training material development, workbased learning, qualification and certification, networking, innovation management, dissemination and valorisation strategies.

DANUBE is active in several networks such as www.ispim.org, www.LEO-NET.org, www.ecqa.org, the European wide Relay Centre Network as well as www.TII.org the international technology transfer & innovation network.

Almost 20 years DANUBE realises intl practical training opportunities through ERASMUS and LEONARDO grants for Austrian universtity students and recent graduates in companies throughout Europe and beyond. As founding member of www.Leo-Net.org - the Network for Academic Mobility for training and vocational education programmes in Europe, Austrian companies are supported to recruit international personnel.

 Core Competency

Service & Usage

 ICT sectors:
   - E-Commerce     
   - E-Learning     
   - ICT Applications for Tourism     
   - ICT Applications for Health      
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Knowledge Management     
   - Process Management     
   - Archiving, Documentation     
   - Software Engineering and Testing     
   - Advanced Systems Architecture     
   - Data Mining     

 ICT keywords
Innovation Management, Training Programmes, Qualification and Certification, Skill sets; workbased E-Learning
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)
Other international co-operative research

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
  Coordinator  Partner 
Non-cooperative Projects (Single projects)        
Cooperative Projects
Education Projects (Thesis, ..)
Stimulation and Support Projects

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2005-01-14 / 2009-02-10