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Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Information Systems

 Contact data
StreetArgentinierstrasse 8 
ZIP, City, Region 1040 - Vienna (Vienna) 
Phone+43-1 58801 18414 
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 Contact person

Univ.Prof. Dr. Schahram Dustdar (Full Professor)
 Employees (Total)
Total: 11-50  number of researches: 35

 Central aim of organisation
We investigate foundations and explore novel applications of technologies to the development of distributed services.

 Briefly describe your organisation
Our research is focused on technologies that enable the construction of advanced distributed applications and services. We are especially interested in dynamic distributed systems and (Web) services in active spaces. Such systems are composed from a heterogeneous set of already available and dynamically evolving set of components and services. Their execution structure is typically multi-tier. The components may be large such as databases, web servers and web browsers or small such as timers and sensors. We are currently concentrating on several areas of such dynamic systems and services: models and development methodologies, composition mechanisms, event-based communications, peer-to-peer communications, web-interface mechanisms, and security of transactions among clients and servers. We use the Internet as the primary infrastructure for our research.

 Core Competency

Research & Development

 ICT sectors:
   - IT Security and Encryption     
   - Databases, Database Management     
   - Knowledge Management     
   - Process Management     
   - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Middleware     
   - Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)     
   - Software Engineering and Testing     
   - Semantic Systems     
   - Internet Technologies     
   - Advanced Systems Architecture     
   - GRID Computing     
   - Pervasive Computing     
   - Sensor Technology     
   - Data Mining     
   - Wireless & Mobile Communication     

 ICT keywords
Cloud Computing
 RTD Experiences & Publications

 My organisation has been involved in projects funded by the following EU-programmes
  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)
Other international co-operative research

 Austrian Research and Development Projects
  Coordinator  Partner 
Non-cooperative Projects (Single projects)        
Cooperative Projects
Education Projects (Thesis, ..)

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