About ICTProfiles.at

ICTprofiles is THE collection of Austrian companies, major research institutes and associations active in the Information and Communiation Technology sector. It provides you with a high-quality insight into Austrian ICT R&D actors and ICT related activities.

ICTprofiles supports you in identifying potential partners from Austria for ICT related collaboration, meeting your interests and requirements. Start your search for Austrian partners here

Quality criteria

If you are an Austrian organisation active in ICT research and development or involved in ICT related activities, ICTprofiles provides you with an opportunity to bring in your knowledge and experience in international projects. In order to ensure a high quality of relevant profiles, quality criteria for the publication of profiles have been established.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

All user of ICTprofiles

You have full access to all profile data on this website, without having to provide personal data. For security reasons, e-mail addresses are not published on this website. We only hand out single e-mail addresses upon request. If you request an e-mail address of an organisation from the database, you have to provide your own email address to receive the requested information. Your e-mail address will only be used for this single purpose and won't be forwarded to third parties. To monitor the use of the website, we automatically collect non-personal data from all website visitors.

Registered organisations

All data entered into the ICTprofiles questionnaire are stored electronically. All data (except the e-mail address) are accessible on the ICTprofiles website. Parts of this data may also appear in printed form. You might be informed about and asked by FFG either by electronic means of by phone to forward relevant information about collaboration possibilites. We do not forward personal data to third parties or use it in a commercial way. Single email addresses are only handed out upon request from interested organisations.

There is no legal claim on admission into the database or into a printed version of it. We reserve the right to delete whole organisation profiles or parts of respective profiles. If you wish to delete your profile, please contact us.

We comply with all Austrian data protection laws.